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Kitchen Tools, Appliances and Tips to help Make MRT-LEAP easier for YOU!

The Awakened Plate Kitchen

White Kitchen Cabinets

Appliances, Helpful Tools and Knives

Having the right appliances, tools, gadgets, and knives is crucial for effective cooking. Discover the best-rated options and understand why they excel.

Modern Kitchen


It's crucial to consider not only what you cook in and on but also the tools you use for stirring, pouring, measuring, and even the best ones for a tasty lick!

CLICK HERE to learn. 

Wood Cutlery

Baking Needs

Staying on track with our MRT-LEAP protocol doesn't mean giving up sweetness. Explore our curated selection of delightful and safe products to make desserts and gatherings both enjoyable and delicious! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. 

Baking Together


Safe and Effective Glassware for everyday use or when entertaining. 

Glasses of Water

Oils, Dressings and Syrup Storage
& Glass Spray  Bottles 

Safe and effective way to keep your oils and or dressings so that you can grab and use them!

Olive Oil Bottles


When preparing your own food, the surfaces you cook on can impact how you feel. Each cookware material comes with its own set of risks, making the choice of the safest cookware a personal decision. We've curated lists to assist you along with the reasons behind each recommendation. 

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Meal Prep and Storage 

Time matters, and research shows that people who engage in meal prep tend to achieve greater success in maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle compared to those who don't.

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    And learn more about the different materials here. 

Packed Meal

Other Kitchen Essentials & Accessories

Explore essential kitchen tools used regularly. 

Scissors, measuring spoons, bowls, salt and pepper shakers, bread drawers etc. Your drawers and counters have been well thought of. 

Mixing Organic Beauty Products

Stainless Steel 

Safe and effective stainless steel for your daily life. 

stainless steel .jpg

Don't see something you need?

Reach out and ask us if you are unsure or don't see an item you would like and want to make sure it is beneficial for YOU!

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